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I've decided to bite the bullett and start getting what I can out of audio books.

I've resisted this change for a while. Because I love text. It forces concentration, which I think leads to greater comprehension.

I'm more flexible than some. Most people I know realside, can't read e-texts. The most common reason is, "I can't stare at a screen for that long." I prefer paper in my hands, but I'm love the flexibility e-texts give me, the ability to search, the portability, I can have a whole library on a CD.

But due to time limitations with my current schedule, audio books are seeming like a better option. I'll be able to "read" while I'm driving and working. (At least while working at my day job, my tables might look at me funny if I walked up with headphones on.)

Anyway, back to my point, since it looks like I will spend a good amount of time with headphones on my head with this plan, I want a decent set.

I've always just gotten the cheapo ones, where the pads wear out and they end up uncomfortable on your ears after a while. So does anyone have any recommendations on a decent set of headphones?
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