Techempage (techempage) wrote,

[LJ Idol] Do not meddle in the affairs of the timestream for you are just a speck of dust to it.

I stared, watching the events unfold before me.

This was not how it was supposed to happen.

I learned that day, no matter what your intentions, do not mess with the time stream.

It was a simple job, really. I was going to make right what once went
wrong. Like on that show Quantum Leap.

I had spent years working on my time machine. I started on this plan
in my youth, with dreams of fame and fortune with it.

But the more I delved into it, the more I wanted to make my life worth
something. If I was going to give up my life working on this project,
I might as well, have given up my life for something wothwhile. That
culminated when I discovered despite all my efforts, this was going to
be a one shot deal. I never could figure out a way to transport
matter through the timestream, I could only transport energy. That
meant, the only option I had would be to transport my consciousness
back, leaving my body a lifeless husk when I left.

So, literally, I would give up my life in this process. I had given
too much of my lifetime to not try it. I was going to make the world
a better place. What one moment in time would I change? What single
event would have the greatest impact on the most people?

My machine was finished. All I had to do was to decide what I was going to fix.

So much human history. How does one decide what to change?

I could go back and create an invention early. I could go back and
stop something from happening. So many options...

Finally, like a flash I had it. I fiddled with the PC hooked up to
the machine, stepped into my device and my body hit the floor.


I was all ready to stop Sept. 11. I would take out Bin Laden during
the Clinton administration.

I opened my eyes and something was terribly terribly wrong.

a) I seemed to have no control over this body I was in.

b) There I was on my knees staring up at the body I expected to be in,
Bill Clinton.

As he started to unzip his fly, I knew who I was in. And I didn't
even have the ability to shut Miss Lewinski's eyes.

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