Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Good Morning

Welcome Back
Again a welcome back goes out to vidicon, shrijani, mightyafrodite, metaphorge & gentlemaitresse.

And someone is curious about my friends list still, 'cuz again today, someone beat me to the punch. So if I missed you I'll get you Monday.

Why am I posting on a Saturday?
Normally, I'm not one for weekend posts. I spend so much of my weekend at the restaurant or sleeping. Well, apparently there is a large group of people that are behind because of the holidays. So they decreed manditory overtime. And I'll admit, I am behind, but that's because they've slowly shifted my job into something that should be done by two people instead of one. But that's a different story. I'm always of mixed feelings about overtime. Extra money is a good thing. But getting up and going to work on the only day of the week I don't have to be at work in the morning, is not so good. And of course, today happened to be the only Saturday I could have gone and signed up for classes, (I missed the register by phone period.) so I'm ending up taking a semester off again. Hopefully it won't last as long as my last semester off, which ran from Jan 2000 - Sept 2004.

Weekend Plans
Finish here, go to the Star, work on teaching the managers how the office work, works. (I need to make a long post on the why of that later.) Wait tables until close. Go home, go to sleep, then bartend all day tommorow. Oh, I know, how do I handle all of the excitement.
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