Techempage (techempage) wrote,


So, this morning, I notice something in the pile of mail, my final grades from last semester. Apparently, they had ended up out of the way for a couple of weeks.

I'm a little nervous, I took one test for my Econ class technically after it was due, I misread when it I was supposed to do it. So I didn't know if she accepted it or not.

According to my math, if she accepted it late, I would end up with all Cs in my classes that were not pass/fail.

I opened it up and to my surprise, here were my grades:

Accounting: B
Business Law: C
Econ: B

I ended up with a 2.7 GPA. Better than expected, but not as good as I would like.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I ended up with this semester off. (I forgot to register by phone and I had a mandatory work day the only Saturday I could sign up.) So, while this isn't the best GPA in the world, I'm not starting as far in the hole as I thought, when I have more time to focus on classes.
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