Techempage (techempage) wrote,

What Makes Us Us?

I stood up, the blood rushed from my head. Time dialation, thoughts disjointed, loss of vision, the world changes. And then, my body adjusts to my change in position and the world goes back to normal.

Also, this weekend, I watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." The characters in it decided to wipe their minds of each other after having a bad relationship. And during the wipe process, decided they wanted to be together after all and ended up meeting each other all over again, despite the erasure of their time together.

But it gets my mind wondering, what makes us us?

I've always believed that there is more to us than this flesh we inhabit. But when I stand up and the blood rushes from my brain, the way I think is entirely different. I would think that the way I think is part of who I am, but just a small action changes that.

What about memory? Granted, I've never really gone through anything really really bad, but aren't we who we are do to the experiences we've gone through? If the ability to erase memories were possible, I would think it would fundamentally alter who we are. Were the possibility available, it would be like erasing a piece of who I am. And I can't really think that I would ever be able to do that? How does amnesia change a person? Physically you're still the same person (excluding whatever caused the amnesia), but if what you've experienced is so much of the person you are today, are you really the same person?

I dunno. This is just stuff running through my mind. So what defines us? Is it the way we think? What we've experienced? Something else?
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