Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Good Morning

Welcome shawnj and teofphiglet to my journal.

My card of the day for Nov 18th
The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. The Lovers, when reversed: Inner strife, frustration, suspicion, and disagreements in a relationship. Irresponsibility and indecision. Avoiding true intimacy in favor of lust. Unfaithfulness.

Yesterday something about being seduced and then today, lust over intimacy. Like I said, whoever's planning on seducing me, please ask my wife's permission first.

Speaking of shawnj.
Yesterday he introduced me to Kings of Chaos. So I am commanding Orc Legions in an attempt to destroy other players so that I can win a Playstation 2! So daily I'm going to put up this link. So if you could click on it daily and help me conscript my Orcish Hordes, it would be much appreciated. It only takes a second to click and then click on the number on the page.

Waiting tables
The Star is still kicking my butt, leaving me so tired I've been an hour late for my day job two days in a row now. Luckily my day job doesn't care. Just remember friends, tip well.

Everyone have a wonderful day!
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