Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Good Morning

Good morning ya'll.

On me being back...
You can thank Miss shadesong for my return. She's a sneaky wench, who knew exactly what would bring me out of hiding, and I love her for it.

Daily Stuff
I need to catch up on my spreadsheets, because tomorrow is grocery shopping day and I need to let my wife know how much is left in the budget.

Shrink appt at 8:30am. I'm hoping I haven't lost weight again this time. The Adderall has been working well for me. Last time after I lost weight again, she cut me back to 10mg from 15mg, which definitely has been less effective. I've been taking steps to make sure I eat more often. The problem is, the only time in my entire life I was ever able to keep weight on me was when I was drinking heavily. That doesn't seem like the best option right now.

I'm still pondering that whole concept of efficient learning. Of course, as I've mentioned lately, I'm big on efficiency. Actually, I think I have a post on that topic brewing.

And numbers as well. Numbers are super-nifty-neato-cool and junk. I think I'll have something on that as well.

And probably random other stuff that comes to mind.

Marriage Filter
Both positive and negative stuff to report today. But the good definetly outweights the bad. ~smiles~

And if our paths don't cross much today, have a great day.
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