Techempage (techempage) wrote,


The government is making a very wise long term financial decision.

Since it's pretty obvious rates are headed in the upward direction, starting soon, Savings Bonds will yield a fixed rate, rather than a variable one.

Which as I said, is a smart financial decision. When you owe a lot of money and it looks like interest rates are going up, then the wise thing to do is to lock your debt in at a fixed rate.

However, this will change the way I plan some of my financial decisions.

I had hoped to use Savings Bonds as part of my E-fund and capture the rate gains in this low rate environment. But I think I'll just have to look into CDs, 'cuz the new rates will be based on the 10-year treasury. And right now I can get CDs yielding higher than the 10 year treasury.

Lower the payments on the national debt, sounds like one way to help with the deficit.
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