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I'm working on the post about where I've been for the past week. When I have something like that to go through, I like to word it just right to accurately convey what I was thinking, so don't expect it to pop up just any minute now.

But I found this interesting article on the Motley Fool today:
Are You Financially Illiterate?

It's all about the reults of people taking this test.

The average score by adult Americans: 57%

The average score for high schoolers: 48%

As a country, we just don't know how money works, something that majorly affects our lives. So we're ending up with a culture deeply mired in debt, who will be working forever, because they don't know how to save for retirement. People all have their major issues. This is mine. Know your enemy. By understanding money, you can learn to control it, instead of having it control you. As you can tell I'm a major proponent of Financial Literacy. My kids will understand money!

BTW, if you're interested, my score was: 100%. Not bragging, just saying that I practice what a preach. (Mostly, I'll go into why I say mostly later.)

If you have the time, go ahead and take it. I'm curious how my friends list compares to the general population.

Note: Answers are discussed in the comments, so if you plan on taking the survey, please take it before reading the comments!
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