Techempage (techempage) wrote,


In an effort to save money, ducttapeavenger and myself went shopping last night so we would eat out less often. I specifically said, "I need to make sure to make my lunch the night before, otherwise I will forget in the morning." Well, we got back from the store and decided not to pick up more stuff from my old place, because it was late. We figured we'd settle in with a episode of Stargate and call it a night.

Well, apparently, keeping the main window of AIM open while a CD is encoding drastically slows it down. Once I realized this, I cast it out to the taskbar and Nero speeded up signifigantly.

The result of this was, it wasn't over until almost midnight. And being up late the night before, I barely made it through the episode and promptly passed out. lunch didn't get made. Well, I refused to go out today. So I hit the vending machine to save money and look at the healthy lunch I had:

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