Techempage (techempage) wrote,

I can't win apparently....

So yesterday, I'm stuck in a meeting all day long.

Well, I was texting a friend and I started getting memory full messages, even though, the memory wasn't full. So I decide the best course of action is to reboot.

Well, after powering down, it won't power back up. It freezes on the load screen. So I decide to see if I remove the battery if it will make a difference. Take off the battery, put it back...nope same problem.

So after work, I run by the Alltell store where I bought it to see if I can get it fixed. Nope, we're just a reseller, you've got to go to the Alltell store on the other side of town.

So I go to the other side of town. Well, they don't have my model in stock, so they can just give me that one and send mine in to be fixed. I tell them, I no longer have a house phone and ask them if they have one I can borrow. They tell me I would be stuck with a loaner for 4 - 6 weeks. Well, she goes in the back, gets the loaner phone, but apparently, they don't have a charger for it, which does me no good.

~sigh~ I'm going to call back today to see if they have one in. Apparently they get replacements in every day. But don't know when they will get mine in. So for now I'm phoneless...
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