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November 14th, 2003 - So You Want to be a Hero... — LiveJournal

November 14th, 2003

November 14th, 2003
08:32 am


Welcome ashlupa, feonixrift, internet_addict and wispfox to the madness that is my journal.

My card of the day for November 14th
The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. Ace of Wands: The seed of a new venture - perhaps as yet unseen. An opportunity to be met with boldness, vigor, and enthusiasm. The herald of birth, invention, or entrepreneurship. An innate and primal force released. May suggest a surge of vitality, creativity, or fertility that can set things in motion.

Hey, it looks like things are on the up. Maybe it's a good idea to put some concentrated thought into that fiction I thought up yesterday.

Post of the Day
I decided to start having a post of the day feature. No real reason for it, I just think it'd be a cool idea. And I'll be able to pimp my friends...

It's beginning to look a lot like the holidays....

I know this one is in news, but it's definitely got some nifty stuff in it. I'm seriously debating a paid account as it is.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day...

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08:55 am


Writing Filter
I think I'm going to take my writing ideas to a seperate filter, because when I write I always have a lot of side things that never get used and my thoughts aren't always coherent. So, if you want to join this filter, just let me know in comments...

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10:22 am


~sticks his thumbs in his ears~
Will someone please tell the vending machine to stop calling out my name?

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04:02 pm


Have a great evening...
I'm outta here.

I may or may not find time this weekend to be on LJ. I'm not sure.

But hey, everyone have a great evening and a wonderful weekend, may it heal your body and refresh your soul. So Ta Ta For Now!

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