March 12th, 2004

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

That's right folks, March Madness is back in action!

Which means, the restaurant I work at is going to be D-E-A-D dead on the weekends. Which normally I'd mind, but since they seem to have me bartending more often recently, I'll probably spend most of my time, standing behind the bar and watching the games for $3.50 an hour, plus tip out. I definitely can think of worse jobs.

So here's to the Blue Devils of Duke! ~raises a glass~

May they win 9 more games this season!

Free Falling

Lately, I keep having this urge to free fall.

I dunno why. I've never been in a plane before, much less jumped out of one. But my mind keeps going to the idea of having absolutely nothing around me.

~shrugs~ What this means, I have no idea. But I figured I put it out there, maybe you wonderful people can think of something.

At the very least I have it for future refrence.


Since I am stuck here at the office today, I figured I'd listen to the Duke game on my computer. Well, come to find out, yahoo now charges for college basketball broadcasts. ~grumble~