April 5th, 2004


I've become a bartender. (Plus some shameless self promotion.)

Lets go back a year ago. I was a waiter and a really bad one at that. Not that I wasn't nice to my tables, but I had no sense of timing, bugged the hell out of people constantly asking if they were okay, and consistently forgetting about things. I remember, asking my manager once, if I could train on the bar at some point, he told me, "Hell no." as his initial reaction. The acted like he was joking, and said something about cross training at some point.

Six months later, I was one of the best servers in the restaurant. I was usually first or second in sales for the store. And would have a consistently high bar mix. What had happened is, we became short staffed and I had a trial by fire. It was either get good or crash. ~grins~ I don't like crashing.

Well, the daytime bartender in my store is great. He's not the most honest guy and drives up the bar cost a bit, but both he and the store make money, so they pretty much let him be. The other thing is, during the week, he'll be there, but on the weekends, he's not so reliable. Well, when he started not showing up, I started volunteering for bar shifts. And they would give them to me. I wanted the experience of the bar more than anything else, not so much that I really wanted to be a bartender.

Well, as time went by, whenever a shift would become open, I would volunteer to make that one of my bar shifts. Why? ~shrugs~ It was new and different, I guess. And I kept hearing horror stories, "Here, the money's not at the bar, it's on the floor."

About a month ago, I started to tire of the bar. I had a couple of really lousy shifts and started to believe that they were right about not making money. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was complaining to our new manager, "I've gotta get out from back here. I'm not making money." But the strangest thing has started to happen. I've started to get regulars. People come in to see *me*.

Our Sunday bartender, who had been back there for months and months, wasn't making money. I've had the bar on Sunday's for almost a month now. Guess what? I've started making money on Sunday as well.

Just last week, I was telling my bar manager, "I'll take any shifts you want, just don't stick me behind the bar on Sunday anymore."

Yesterday I told him, that I changed my mind, I wanna keep Sunday. I had at least three people tell me they'd be back next week, not counting the Sunday regulars who come no matter who's behind the bar.

I was talking to the new manager about it last night, "I don't get it. Here these folks that have been behind the bar for months, aren't making money. As soon as I have a shift for a full month, all of a sudden I am?"

I probably made as much this weekend behind the bar as I would on the floor. I made more money than our best server on Sat night. ~boggles~

I never saw myself as a bartender and I still have to look up most of my drinks, but still bartending isn't about the drinks, it's about the people.


My only problem shift still is Monday night. I haven't had enough people come in to build up a regular clientele. So in any of the Durham locals want to come out to the Durham Lone Star tonight and bring a friend, I'd appreciate it. Unfortunately, they'd notice if I gave away stuff. But I'll be a little heavy handed with my pours.

I'm Wayland and amazingly enough, I'm a bartender.

EDIT: I unlocked this post to be open to all, and if you feel like linking me, feel free. I'd really appreciate the pimpage.

~grins~ I've given up on being secretive about who I am in this journal.

And a request...

Alright, I know I just ask'd ya'll to do me a favor, but I want to ask one more.

I'm really jazzed by being a bartender these days, so who wants to make me a bartender icon?


My last request of the day, I promise!

Introducing kids to Sci-Fi....

I've been thinking about this. And kids are bombarded with fantasy, which is cool. I'm a big fan of both fantasy and sci-fi.

But where's the sci-fi for the kids.

For those that don't know, I have two little girls at home, one 3 years old and one 16 months old. Harry Potter, Disney, yeah we got Fantasy covered and covered big time.

But where is the Sci-Fi for the kids. I could break out the "Jetsons." But there's not a whole lot out there other than that.

Of course, you're talking to the man who would sit with his eldest in his lap and we would watch Babylon 5. I don't think she picked up on much of it though. So how would you introduce Sci-Fi to the much younger generation?

EDIT: Earlier I said that that post would be my last request of the day. Does this count as a request?