October 27th, 2005


What would you like to see?

yendi was discussing Halloween H2O. And he ended it with the sentence, "But oh, for an alternate universe in which this movie was allowed to reach its full potential."

You open a portal and step through. There before you is the most impressive DVD library you've ever seen. This is special, this is the DVD library that could have been. You browse the shelves. What movie or TV shows do you pick up?

Me, I walk up and pick up all eight seasons of Firefly and Babylon 5 streched out over all five seasons instead of compressed into four with a mediocre season five.


Stolen from zerogenius
And twisted around by yours truly...

Today's Halloween-ish Quiz: Name 5 people on LiveJournal that you'd like to eat their brains and WHY.

Now here's the catch, you inherit their accumulated knowledge by eating their brains...so who's brains would you eat?

Attack of the Zombie Phone Companies...

AT&T was recently acquired by SBC Communications Inc.

That's right, Ma Bell was bought out by a Baby Bell. And so once the only phone company in the US, was left for dead.

Well, SBC has decided, that after the merger, they are going to change their name to AT&T.

So AT&T has risen from the grave! So watch out for your braaaaaains!


Talking to my two year old today...

Me: Hey, Grunt Grunt, whacha doing?

DM: Playing with blocks!

My mom: You're not playing with blocks.

DM: Playing with my sister.

Me: What are you and Emily Jane playing?

DM: We're playing with blocks!

Apparently anytime you get on the phone with my two year old, she's playing with blocks...even if she hasn't touched them in days...

Hmmm...I need a kiddos icon...


There's some sort of meeting going on in the bay next to ours...

The leader keeps asking questions that I can't quite hear, but the audience all keeps shouting "YES" and cheering as an answer.

~scratches his head trying to figure out if they are aliens or cultists~

Comedy Gold

Running for City Council in the Second District here in Durham is a man by the name of "John Holmes."

~head starts spinning with all the comic possibilities for campaign slogans~

So I thought I'd let ya'll take a stab at it as well...

EDIT: OMG! His website is http://unityandlove.com/

~chuckles~ John Holmes has always been about uniting to make love!