February 15th, 2006



I fidgit. I've never been one to sit still really well.

I used to have one of those liquid filled stress ball thingeys. It had a very slow leak, but it wasn't really noticible so it just shrank to just an empty shell over time. I lost it one day.

Well, I've had a spongey stress ball that's shaped like a heart I've been using after I lost the old one. It's been okay, but I admit, I missed playing with the liquid filled one. I liked the way it moved better.

Well, my aunt found a new one for me. Not that she specifically went out and looked for one, but she stumbled across one and went ahead and got it for me, because it was cheap. She gave it to me Monday...today, as I was playing with it, it kinda explodiated all over my desk.

I wonder what that says about my stress levels...