December 12th, 2006



I tried at least 3 times this morning to make a voice post telling ya'll that I would be away from my desk for one of my 9 - 1 meetings.

I only tried to voice post it because I was running late and thought I'd end up having to go straight into the meeting.

I get here, but I end up running only 10 minutes late.

Theres a message on my voicemail letting me know that one of the people won't be attending. When that occurs, we usually move things down to my desk. So I won't be AFK all morning.

And the voice post, it never shows up.

I'm not sure if it's that I was wrong about everything and nothing worked is bad or it's that everything turned out better than I was planning.



I don't know what they did to my LJ, but I want it back the way it was!

The comment and profile pages are now all changed.

And what happened to all my menu options running down the left?

~pokes it~