January 26th, 2007


[LJ Idol] Basketball and Metaphor

4.4 seconds, that's all they had left. After blowing a 5 point lead with 30 seconds left in the game, Duke found themselves tied 66-66, to the best Clemson team that the ACC has seen in ages. Josh McRoberts had the ball to inbound. Just a play earlier, due to a miscommunication, McRoberts sent the ball flying into the hands of a Clemson player, setting up this tied game. He would not make the same mistake again. McRoberts inbounded the ball to John Scheyer. Three dribbles, just past half court. He sends the ball flying to McClure under the basket. The ball leaves McClure's hands with 0.1 second left on the clock. Swish. Game over. Duke 68, Clemson 66.

Now this is LJ, why did I just write a paragraph about basketball?

Well, that paragraph actually says a lot about me.

I'm techempage and I'm a Duke fan.

That's just the surface though.

That final 20 seconds in the game says a lot about me, as a metaphor.

5 point lead with 20 seconds left. I try very hard to get ahead, often times to get myself in a position to finish well.

But I blow it. All they had to do to finish was to get the ball inbounds and get fouled and the game was pretty much a given. I get ahead, ready to rock it out, make a couple stupid mistakes and find myself once again behind.

Take LJ Idol for example, I was ready to get some more work done on my writing. Yet here it is 1.75 hours before it is due and I am just now writing this. (Well, part of it is I was watching that game last night. But I could have done it earlier.)

But finally, I come in and at least make a shot at it. I'm not conceited enough, to say, like in this game, it goes in every time. I miss a lot. And sometimes, I don't beat the buzzer. But I always give it a hell of a shot.

I'm techempage and I'm a procrastinator.

So, if I make it past this round, watch for my under the wire shots. Post due by noon, that gives me until 11:59 to post it.

And hey, I'm ahead today. It looks like I'll have this up before 11.

Eh, maybe it's not a metaphor. Maybe I just wanted to post about my team's amazing finish.