March 30th, 2007


[LJ Idol] I can't believe I actually did that!

December 24, 1997

I "go out to look at Christmas lights."

The truth was, I needed a cigarette and my dad didn't know I smoked. So I'm out, driving around in my 1968 Mustang. No direction really, just going.

Small pellets of ice begin to fall from the sky. My car has a non-functioning defroster, so I open up the windows to keep my windshields from fogging up.

Well, there's one small problem with this plan. With the cold wind whipping across the windshield, both inside and out, it drops the temperature of the windshield. This is a good thing for keeping it from fogging up. This is a bad thing when ice is hitting the windshield. This means the ice, falling from the sky is now sticking to said windshield. Very shortly, I can no longer see where I am going.

I pull over. Try to get out of the car. Hmmmm. The door won't open. Apparently, the door lock got a little too cold as well. I climb out the window, scrape the windshield and climb back in.

At this point, I realize, it's probably in my best interest to head home.

Within 5 minutes, I can once again, not see out of my windshield. My response, "Fuck this!"

I refuse to climb out that window and scrape the windshield all over again. That leaves me with only one other option.

I stick my head out the window and drive the rest of the way home with wind whipping around my head and small ice pellets pelting me in the face. I get back to our subdivision. Pull into the pool parking lot, because I *need* a fucking smoke at that point. And then finally finish my journey home.