June 21st, 2007


Stolen from amalthya.

You can choose any of the three or do them all. Obviously I want you to do all three because that is more entertaining for me. (respond in separate comments if you want to respond to more than one and keep your secret screened!)

1. Secret time! Tell me a secret. Any secret. All comments are screened and I will not unscreen them unless you say it is ok. In return, if you go ahead and post this in your journal I will go tell you a secret. You secret can be anything- it doesn't have to be your deepest and darkest- just something you might not post publicaly in your journal.

2. Question time!! Do you have a question for me that you need answered? Are you a new friend who wants backstory, are you a current friend who has a burning desire to know something, are you an old friend who wonders what I am having for dinner tonight? Ask me a question. Any question. I will answer it for you. (Alternatively, if you are feeling lazy, respond and I will ask you a question.)

3. Photo time!!! Post a photo of yourself! I want to get to know my friends list better. Show me your face. Photos will automatically be screened, tell me if you want to keep it screened. This is me:

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