July 13th, 2007

Voice Post: My transcription cherry is popped! (Subject by Nursemae)

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“Hello out there in LJ Land! This is your friendly Techempage coming to you live from Virginia. <lj user=ducttapeavenger> and myself have once again embarked on another great geek adventure. This time we're heading up to Maryland just outside of Baltimore for shore leave. Weather is a little cloudy, couple of drops of rain now and then but otherwise looks to be a smooth journey except for the fact we left a little later than planned and look to be caught in D.C. in rush hour! Which should be a whole lotta fun. And heeeere's <lj user=ducttapeavenger>!

<i>Greetings! Um, yeah, so we did a lot of packing last night but we still had a lot of stuff we had to do this morning so we wound up doing that and wound up taking Wayland's girls to see Ratatouille, which was pretty cool. We didn't hit the road until 3 o'clock and so that's going to make things interesting. So we'll see how that turns out. Back to you Techempage!</i>

Allrighty folks, we'll update you soon again on...I don't know, there's not as many synchs this time around so I don't know how many posts we'll actually make. But we're on the road again and on our way to Shore Leave. If anybody else is out there leave a comment, send an email or run into us and say hi! I'm sure you'll see us in lab coats or something or other. Until then, see you in LJ land!”

Transcribed by: nursemae