November 2nd, 2007


(LJ Idol) Hi my name is...

techempage and I'm frelling insane.

Yes, dear LJ reader, I just got talked into doing LJ Idol for another season.

I'm working 40+ hours at my day job.

I'm waiting tables 4 shifts a week.

I'm taking 12 credit hours of online courses.

I'm one of the Mad Scienticians over at Infusions of Grandeur.

And did I mention I'm a father of two? And I have a wonderful girlfriend?

Ah, that may be enough to make me insane, but no friends!

I got talked into adding LJ Idol to my plate as well?

How much more can we shove on there? I don't know. But hey! Mashed potatoes and gravy aren't dripping off the other side yet, so I'm sure there's room for a little more at least.


Welcome to my frelling insane ride! Warning, it's gonna be a bumpy one!

My LJ Idol Slogan

With the 100+ people entered in LJ Idol this season, I figure, it's time to create a slogan, something that will differentiate me from the other candidates, and I've come up with this:

"You don't have to bother reading my post- just vote for me!"

What do you think?

Another Month, Another Stat Update

Top Commenters on techempage's LiveJournal
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1allah_sulu260 260
2thetaet197 197
3laurelian154 154
4deyaniera140 140
5ducttapeavenger118 118
6crystalsage96 96
7brandedeclipse87 87
8eyewrist85 85
9kithan71 71
10kindlechan67 67
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Total Commenters: 241 (141 not shown)
Total Comments: 5521

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And this month brandedeclipse jumps over eyewrist to take the 7th spot in the standings.