July 10th, 2008


Lets have a day for the basses.

I've noticed personally when I try to do karaoke, the songs just aren't out there for guys who sing bass. So I've found a couple, that I like to sing and thought I'd share and see what everyone else has to share.

Without further adieu, one that's a lot of fun and probably my second favorite karaoke song...

Collapse )

Holy cow!

So a friend e-mails me an MP3. I open the e-mail and there, beside the download button, sits a play button.

~clicks play~

Up pops a little window with a media player, playing the song.

Does anyone besides me see the possibilities here?

Basically, create an media GMail account. Mail yourself MP3s with any relevant information you want to be able to search on in the body of the e-mail. You can use labels for artists, genres and albums. And *bam* wherever you have net access, you have music/sound.

I wish I had more time to play with it now. But, I'm definitely going to once I'm back from vacation...