Techempage (techempage) wrote,

GTD (Getting to Done)

I need to really work on keeping that acronym in mind, GTD.

It's part of the lifehacker movement. I spent pretty much the last half of the year, not getting things accomplished.

I'm really staring to get things done again.

Today, I sent off an e-mail to see what it's going to take to get me enrolled in online classes again. I haven't taken classes since Fall of '04. And haven't made a serious attempt to take them again, since Spring '05. Since working two jobs is not something I want to do forever, it's time for me to start working towards moving forward again.

Another thing often mentioned in regards to "life hacks" is about making things public. Something I definitely not done recently either. It is said, that geeks have the uncanny ability to remember any bit of information they come across, except those that pertain to their own lives. Part of this is why I want to really start using this journal again as well, so ya'll can remind me of the details I forget. Help me, get to done.
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