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This morning, I went to make my lunch, when I realized we were out of ham, so I decided to improvise.

I had my normal apple and baby carrots, then I tossed in some celery with peanut butter on it to make up for the lack of a sammich. As I spread the PB on the celery, I got to thinking about a few months back. I didn't make a lunch the night before and was running late, so I didn't make it, I just grabbed stuff from the vending machine.

Looking back on it now, it's actually really interesting what I've accomplished in the last few months.

For a good part of the past few years, I didn't eat breakfast or if I did it's was either McDonald's or a breakfast bar. These days I have a bagle and a banana every morning.

Lunch was a very off again on again thing too. I did a lot of eating out for lunch. Before that it was usually a sandwich and chips. Now it's a sandwich, baby carrots and an apple. I only have the chips if we're out of baby carrots.

I've pretty much cut all soda out of my life and the only caffiene is my one cup of coffee a day. This from the guy who used to go through 4 - 8 cups o' joe a day and drink soda all night when waiting tables.

I take a multivitamin every day. When I eat dinner at home, very rarely is it fried, I actaully have a salad. (Anyone who knows my old eating habits can attest to how different this is.)

If you told me all these things, six months or a year ago, I probably would have laughed at you.

I think the only reason it actually worked though is because this has been a slow transition. I wanted to make the changes, but did it a little bit at a time, rather than tear everything up by the roots and start over. I think I would have failed. Sometimes you need a clean install. Sometimes you need to keep patching until you get a makeshift system that works.

Yes, I still smoke cigarettes. Yes, I still drink alcohol probably more often than I should.

And I must give credit where credit is due. ducttapeavenger does most of the shopping, which makes life a whole lot easier for me, since I work so much. And eyewrist will get on my case if I ever mention skipping a meal.

I've always talked about self improvement, but now I'm actually doing it. It's pretty nifty actually. I still have a long way to go though too.

Now if someone could please remind me to call about my classes sometime between 10 - 11.
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