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I Don't Have Time for This...

Techempage: We're not getting sick again. We just had a stomach bug.

Techempage's body: Ache, cough, sneeze.

Techempage: Stop that!

Techempage's body: Sneeze, cough, ache.

Techempage: No no no! We have to work this weekend. We had a lousy week at the Lone Star last week, so we gotta make some money this week.

Techempage's body: Sneeze, ache, cough.

Techempage: Look, I gave you NyQuil last night and some DayQuil this morning and we were even in bed before 11 last night! You don't need to be doing this.

Techempage's body: ~thinks for a second~ Ache, sneeze, cough.

Techempage: Look, we got both Monday and Tuesday night off from waiting tables. Can you just give me a couple of days?

Techempage's body: Cough, ache, sneeze.

Techempage: ~sigh~
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