Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Country Music

I was never much of a fan of country music. (I know, born and bred in the heart of North Carolina and not a country fan, shocking!) Well, since I work at a Texas themed steakhouse in the evenings, I've been hearing a lot of it. And it's actually starting to grow on me, because I'm starting to identify with it. Here's some thoughts:

I'm a hard, hard workin' man
Just trying to make a living just doing the best I can
I'm burnin' my candles at both ends...

I'm sure with two jobs giving me 60-80 hour weeks, you can see how I relate to that one.

Another nine minute
Let the world wait
Who's gonna care if we're a little bit late
This is my dream and I wanna stay in it
For another nine minutes...

Those are the lyrics I can remember off of the top of my head, basically, the guy is talking about hitting the snooze button to stay in bed with his wife. I know that one too well. Lately I've been oversleeping because I was tired, but there's been many a morning, where I get up and turn off the alarm, turn and see my wife laying there. I decide I'll go cuddle her for just a minute or two more and end up waking up a half-hour later.

Then comes one of my favorites:

A carrot-top that can barely walk, with a sippy-cup of milk,
A little blue-eyed blonde with her shoes on wrong, because she likes to dress herself,
The most beautiful girl, holding both of them,
The view I love the most, is my front porch lookin' in.

That's one that always gets me. Here I am at working my butt off, sometimes I wish I had the Beast's mirror. "Mirror show me my family." And I could spend a few minutes watching my wife and my girls.
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