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517K 2:30
“Hey, it's me again! And I know it's been all of what... three minutes since my first post? Uhhhhmmm... I forgot to tell you about about another intersting developmes-esment this morning! As I reached in my car to grab my jacket, which I haven't used in months, it's.. s'just been sitting in my car this long... I pulled out my jacket, and out popped the Holy Golf Ball. For those of you, which is most of you, who do not know what the Holy Golf Ball is.... one night... well, a specific night.... uhhhh..ducttapeavenger and myself were sitting out at Third Place. I was back.. this was back when I was in college, and he was on active duty, uhhh .. a friend.. Cronan Thompson, had recently died. Insert Link to the .. uh...OnLine Tribute to Chronan Thompson here.

Anyway,... uhm.... uh. Cronan died and we're sitting at Third Place, which is a coffee shop”

Transcribed by: kindlechan
Tags: albacon, cons, voice
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