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“~The sound of heavy reain is present~
Hello boys and girls out there in LJ land! We have completed the first state of our journey. We're now in Virginia. Uhhh... Coming up you'll get a state-by-state review of our trip through each state. However, I'm not reviewing North Carolina! A) It was too fucking short, and B) I've lived there all my life.. soooo... (someone says: "I'm biased") Techempage continues: I'm biased, uhhhh as ducttape ju-avenger just mentioned t'me!

Uhhhhhmmmm... Soooo... we arrrrrrrrrrrre headed.... North! Uhhhh.. It's not that cold yet ~noncommital noise~ We are wearing t-shirts, no need to grab the.... jacket out of the back seat....uhmmm.. but that's it for now, you'll hear me checking in when we reach.... either DC or Maryland. I haven't decided whether DC will get it's own review or not. Until then, I'll see ya in LJ Land.”

Transcribed by: kindlechan
Tags: albacon, cons, voice
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