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“Alrightly ladies and gentlemen out in LJ Land.... This is me once again... we have now entered the state of Maryland. Uhhhh.... No, we didn't skip DC, we never actually entered it. Uhhhhhm So! My review of our trip through Virginia... Uhhh...I'm givin' it a thumbs down.

We spent the ...first...... three-quarters of the trip.... in pretty heavy rain, got backed up where a couple of accidents hit, uhhh... (DuctTapeAvenger's) car does <i>not have</i> a working defroster...sooo quite often we had to roll down the windows in the rain... and cold... to.... keep the windshield from fogging up! Remeniscience of my old days back in the Mustang... Uhhmm... then we ended the trip, once the rain cleared up a little, several times, attempting to be sandwiched between multiple cars right after entering the Washington beltway! Now here's <lj user=ducttapeavenger> for his review:

(<lj user=ducttapeavenger> starts to speak in a baseball announcer's voice)<lj user=Techempage>, I had uhhh...high hopes for Virginia when we entered the state..... The trees were just beginning to show fall colors and I-85 was actually paved properly unlike in North Carolina. However, soon after we entered the state, the rain started, the traffic slowed down, and the window fogged up... And uhhh...Sooo I'm going to have to give, uhhhh.. I'm going have to concur with your thumbs down, there.

(<lj user=techempage> takes over again) Alright folks...that was Virginia, we will get back to you....I guess, next stop is Delaware! We'll only be there briefly, but hey, we'll give you a review there... but when we get there first comes our review of Maryland! See ya in LJ Land!”

Transcribed by: kindlechan
Tags: albacon, cons, voice
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