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The other day, I read either in someone's journal or a message board I frequent, about how writing down your goals several times a day, study's have shown it can help you focus, and seems to have a positive correlation on meeting those goals. So I've been writing my current goal ten times every morning, to see what kind of effect it has. (No I'm not cutting and pasting, I think that would defeat the purpose.) For those that don't know my past. In college, I was a theatre performance major and a comp sci minor. I enjoyed both, but I felt the theatre was my "calling." Computer science was a given, I had been programming since age 5 on my TRS-80.

Well, after three semesters and a lot of external factors the passion for the theatre wasn't there, I withdrew from school. I decided to get my head on straight and figure out where I was headed. A year later, I was married with a newborn daughter.

So with this news sense of responsibility about me, in late 2001, I went and got a loan, and got my MCSE. I also got my A+ at the same time, it was very basic stuff and I rolled right through the tests. No one told me the tech bubble had burst. So after desperately searching for an IT job through all of 2002, I gave up on it.

Not long after this, I figured out it was time to get our finances in order. After doing a lot of research on-line, I got better and better at managing my family's money. I realized more and more how much I was enjoying this. I found my calling was business and decided that with my undergrad degree I would go with accounting, because a CPA is vital to being a higher up in many companies and it fell in with my love of numbers.

My goal was to work my butt off to get out of debt, then go back to school. Well, several debts have come up along the way, and I actually owe three thousand more dollars now, than when I started. (A car dying, taking over a student loan my mom had been paying for me, and another student loan going active.) But I'm making progress.

Anyway, this morning, the day job just started getting to me. It's boring, numbing, mindless data processing and I don't wanna do it anymore. I find waiting tables to be more enjoyable than this. So I've decided I'm going to do something about it. It's time to up my skill set and move on. I've decided that I'm going to end up going for a dual major undergrad, both accounting and computer science. The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing how much computer knowledge will be vital in the business environment of the future. That being said, I need to do something as well to get outta this job. I'm trying to decide with my free time, whether to focus on another IT certification or to sit down and teach myself a programming language. I know networking is vital as well, so I figure either with the cert or the language, I could possibly get involved with a volunteer project of some capacity, do the whole knowing people in the industry thing. So what do you think, should I go with an IT position or work on a programming language?

I didn't friend's only this, so if you know someone who's not on my list that can give me knowledgeable advice, you can send them my way....
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