Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Just me rambling...

The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing life is nothing more than a giant public opinion poll.

You come up with a new idea. If it catches on, you're a genius. If nobody else agrees with it, you're a wack-job.

A very small group believes something. If it spreads, they're pioneers. If it doesn't they're extremists.

What is fact other than what we decide it is? They knew the Earth revolved around the Sun. Look at the sky, there is your evidence.

What about history as well? The history books keep getting revised and changed, to reflect what we find important now.

Homosexuality, adultery, premarital sex were all taboo.
Now it's racism, sexism and other discrimination that are taboo.

Ya know what, enough people start agreeing that it should be the other way around and it will be...

It's all about the mob mentality. Doesn't matter what it is. Enough people find it acceptable and it's acceptable. Enough people don't and it's not. Facts change when enough people believe it. When people say there is scientific evidence to back up a fact, that's with the tests we trust now. Give us other conclusions that we want to reach and ya' know what, I bet they'll find tests to reach those conclusions.

What's right changes. What's wrong changes. Facts change. People change. All to fit what the mob is comfortable with.

This brave o'rehanging firmament fretted with golden fire, could just be my delusions.

Or maybe I'm just someone else's delusion. Maybe a creature who's consciousness is complex enough that it is simple for all his delusions to be what we would find as individual intelligence.

Or what if it's all reactionary. The big bang. *boom* Every event that will ever occur was determined in that moment? It's like the mouse trap game, this affects this which affects this which affects this. We can't change it. All we're doing is reacting. Playing out the motions that set in that first moment.

I know. I'm rambling. I'm in extreme over analyzing mode right now.

Don't worry, I don't plan on doing anything rash. I'm just rambling here. I'll work, I'll go home and eat and see my kids for a little while, I'll go to my other job and work, then go home and spend a bit of time with my wife and then sleep. Does it make any difference at all what I do?

I dunno. But I'm comfortable believing that it does. And so are most people...
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