Techempage (techempage) wrote,

I escaped from Outpost Techempage!

I killed Songwind the cleaning droid, Nikkileah the red-shirted ensign, Jadedmyrrhmaid the cleaning droid, Woodspryte the medibot, Brandedeclipse the medibot, Shawnj the maintenance droid, Shiranaihoshi the engineer, Softlywhispered the nutrivend drinks machine, Ambassador Jfargo, Mary Wroth the nutrivend drinks machine, Gows the red-shirted ensign, Comfortchaos the security officer, Teriel the cleaning droid, Deadspeaker the nutrivend drinks machine, Nursemae the red-shirted ensign, Anchasta the tribble, Alexjay the tribble, Sagefyre the nutrivend drinks machine, Booraven22 the red-shirted ensign, Gafferstapeman the nutrivend drinks machine, Rintheamazing the cleaning droid, Ambassador Ca Blondi, Rpk the red-shirted ensign and Insanity Jane the cleaning droid.

I salvaged a Vixyish model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Simplysakka, a DALBINO83-10 plasma rifle, a Sionainnian artefact, a Heart0fg0ldian raygun, an Ijkian raygun, a Writerbrainian artefact, a Regalpewterian deathblade, Trillsie's commbadge, a Tdarlingian raygun, a That-Sakka-Girl model hazmat suit, Theemeraldqueen's commbadge, a Kithanian raygun, the Log of the USS Naamah Darling, Placesyouhaunt's commbadge, an Auroralamourian raygun, a Sickhippoian artefact, a Daddyschula screwdriver, Angelictouch352's commbadge, a MOONFI-5400 supercomputer, an THEFERRETT-120 phaser, an Octoberlandian raygun and 398 galacticredits.

Score: 1013

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