Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Looking to cross the E/Paper barrier.

I need to find an efficient way of getting my textbooks into electronic format.

There is one textbook in particular, that drives me absolutely batty. There is no glossary. The index is severely lacking. So finding anything in this book about a specific subject means sitting there and scouring pages, especially when the homework question only has one minute detail that I have to answer.

I came up with a solution, I'd use a digital camera to get the pages into electronic format and then use Acrobat for OCR.

Well, that didn't work too well, apparently, the DPI on the camera was not enough for OCR to function.

My flatbed scanner at home is cheap and slow.

I noticed our new work printer has a "Fax to E-mail" option; however, the binding of the book makes it impossible for me to get the full page. (And I'd probably have this same problem with my flatbed scanner at home.

Any thoughts on how I can get this frelling book in an electronic format?
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