Techempage (techempage) wrote,


So, when we last saw techempage, Monday morning, he was furiously attempting to write his research paper due that day.

As he researched and wrote, when eventually he stumbled for a moment with a formatting issue. But he remembered that his teacher had left some formatting instructions for the folder containing the assignment. As he browsed to the proper page, something glared at him, that he hadn't noticed before:

"The Taxation & Government paper is due NLT 9 AM, Apr 23rd, 2007"

The instructor had written the date in bold red letters, the time, however, was in the same formatting as the rest of the sentence.

This was not techempage's first major faux pas of the semester, though. Due to a poorly worded silly-bus, he is walking a thin red line to pass another class.

The end of the semester, the stress, being behind at work and wondering if he would actually pass multiple classes wound up being too much for our poor hero. He collapsed to the floor and wept.

After a short time, he gathered himself back together and once again began plugging away at his Herculean task, even if it was going to be late.

Shortly thereafter, he headed out to the Dr's to get a physical. Once there, the Dr looked over our hero, who, while not in perfect health, was in pretty good condition. One thing, that was slightly odd, was this touch of a fever, 99.3 degrees. It was brushed away due to the heat outside.

After finishing with the Dr, techempage rushed home, eager to once again get to his task. As he toiled away at it, he kept getting closer and closer to his goal. "This beast will be slain today!" he thought to himself. And as he continued, he also though, "Hmmm. My throat is a little sore."

At 11:47pm, April 23, 2007, in the year of our lord, the beast fell. techempage finished it with a click of the button, "Submit." He then e-mailed his instructor about his tardiness, explaining and apologizing for what had occurred.

The next morning, he learned that his toil was not without cost. His throat burned. His nose had slime desperately trying to escape from it. His lungs convulsed, expelling vile substances. Had this pestulance appeared but a day earlier, he would have had the good doctor examine this condition. But no, this was a sneaky enemy. It knew to strike when it was least expected.

Our hero, still returned to work that day and suffered mightily as he valiantly faced the demons of Accounting. And at the end of the day, he went home and quaffed magic pills in an attempt to exorcise the sickness from his form and once again fell into a deep slumber.

He has not yet heard back from his instructor.

Needless to say, techempage has missed much of the past few days, here in the world of electronic magic. If you want him to see something, he might have missed, please leave a message at the beep.

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