Techempage (techempage) wrote,

In which I come to a realization...

Last night ducttapeavenger and myself started a discussion about handling a zombie outbreak.

The conventional wisdom is to head for a Wal-Mart, weapons, food, easily defendable.

As we walked into our local Wal-Mart, I look at the wide glass entrances. Two of them. No way to really block off the glass entrance area from the rest of the store. Add in the fact that garden center worries me. We wander through the store, shopping talking about it. If you had enough people, you could legitimately defend this place, but that's just it, would we have the numbers.

The discussion continued. The warehouse club stores would be a much easier place to defend. One entrance and the back entrances are usually heavily fortified. However, the closest one to us is a 20 minute drive down a major thoroughfare. We'd never make it.

We started thinking locally. Those glass entrances that the stores seem to love so much are a major liability. We never really did come up with a place, I guess we'll have to think about the plan a little more.

Well, until a thought crossed my mind this morning.

More than likely, I would end up dead.

Despite all logic and reason, I would go to my mom's to get my kids at the very least.

She lives in a three story building with 50+ apartments. Granted, she's big on locking the door and they are on the 3rd floor, so they might be good for a while. But I know me, you couldn't convince me not to try to bail them out of there.


Dead in the zombie invasion from trying to save my kids...
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