Techempage (techempage) wrote,

As your body grows bigger
You mind does flower
It's great to learn
'Cuz knowledge is power.

I am starving for knowledge right now. Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

And I can think of topic after topic I want to know more on. I dunno even which one to start.

One of those topics is investing. I got several investing books for Christmas that I asked for, but have had hardly any time to read them.

I want to learn programming languages. (Even if I loose my sense of reality when coding.)

I want to take the time to learn linux. (Although, I got a Java virus on my work machine yesterday, while finding out what version would be the best to install on a 486. Something just seems wrong about getting a virus while researching linux.)

And go back and re-learn my old DOS stuff, I know it's obsolete these days, but I've needed the information a couple of times lately and haven't been able to pull up the knowledge when I needed it. I used to be able to edit autoexec.bat and cofig.sys to have multiple configurations, and knew how to customize how all the files loaded. I could manage memory settings like there was no tomorrow.

And accounting and business and finance and economics are definitely some topics of interest.

And just technology in general. I was reading about the professor who has that computer eye-piece thingey, who calls himself a cyborg. I'd love to have access to info like that. Cybernetics in general would be amazing to learn about. At this point, I'd just like to make my palm pilot a useful tool, rather than have it sit by my desk at home.

Oh, and increasing my memory and speed reading or anything that will allow me to learn faster, definitely has an interest for me.

And I don't want to just skim these topics, I want to go in depth and truly understand them.

I can't remember the last time I sat down and read sci-fi or fantasy. Or any piece of fiction that wasn't on-line.

Or maybe write something. Yesterday, there sat a mechanical pencil on my desk. I rarely use a pencil when working, always a pen. And I took that as a sign I needed to write yesterday, but the muses failed me.

And I want to wireless my house up. I want a video server for the living room. And to upgrade my box. And to get my wife something running so she leaves my machine alone. And to build my own little firewall out of a cheapo linux box would be cool. Oh and a laptop would be nice. I want to technologize my life. I see so much fun and so many things I could learn doing all that.


Instead it's:

Wake up, shower, go to work, work on spreadsheets, go home, eat, go to work, wait tables, go home, handle the financial stuff, go to bed. Rather, Linse, Repeat.

Can anyone possibly tell me how to learn in my sleep? 'Cuz that's the only solution I can think of for the near future.
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