Techempage (techempage) wrote,

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“Hello out there in LJ(?) land. This is your friendly neighborhood 2nd base, coming to you live once again from the great geek adventure. We've decided to make this trip home a little bit more of an adventure. We set out from Maryland about 3 hrs ago, you know 2 hrs ago give or take. Ever since we hit Washington DC, traffic has been almost bumper to bumper off on & we decided, forget it. We're not dealing it any more, US 1(?) runs right by our home in N Carolina & so, we're going to hop off the highway onto US 1 & take the old scenic route home. So we maybe popping in again off on, to see if we find anything interesting on this little ride(?) but hey, this is 2nd page & duck taped & ___ from the scenic group saying, seeing you in LJ land.”

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