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“Hello out there in LJ land, this is your friendly linking neighborhood taking place coming to you live from Ashland Virginia. We've taken our little side trip down US 1, pretty much since I last called so it's been kinda interesting we've seen a few fights, a little more entertaining than just standard ho(?) home highway. But, right now we're kinda got into a decision whether or not to keep on US 1 the rest of the way down & hop back on the highway. So, that's where we are right now. Richmond paying up soon & we'll probably figure it out when we get there. Here's Duck Tape Avenger, I'm tired as hell & I'm not going to drive any more. Yeah, he finally got bailed on me, I drove the entire way up there & we started driving back the deal was he'd drive back unfortunately when that deal was made we didn't realize we'd be taking down a trip down old US 1, so I'm driving the rest of the way at least for now, unless I need to change out again but usually I have a little bit more driving stamina than my room mate & friend over here. So, that's where we are, that's where we're headed & until next time, I'll see you in LJ Land.”

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