Techempage (techempage) wrote,

First things first...

Back during LJ Idol, I made a post about my best friend, ducttapeavenger.

I am blessed with many wonderful people in my life.

The day before my birthday last year, I played "Ye Old Phone Game". The next day, I got a text which I somehow never deleted, "A day late for ye old phone game. This is kithan. Or Stephanie."

Little did I know, that would be the start of one heck of a friendship.

I don't want to know how many hours we've spent talking either on the phone or chatting online. She's been there whenever I've needed someone to talk to. And I've tried to be there the best I can for her. She's one of the most sweet, caring, and generous people I know.

We talk on the morning commute into work almost every weekday. Some mornings it's awful quiet because neither of us are really awake, but we're still on the phone anyway.

It's been only 297 days since that first text message, less than a year. But I almost feel like we've been friends for a lifetime.

Stephanie, I hope you have a truly special birthday. Because you are one of the rare and truly special people in this world and you deserve the most wonderful birthday imaginable.

Happy birthday kithan. ~big hugs~

May your wishes and dreams come true, but have to put enough work in to appreciate them.
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