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“[In a dramatis personae...] It was August 31, 2007, in the Year of Our Lord, and once again we set forth on the Great Geek Adventure. Heading in a new direction never ventured by this crew before for - for a great geek adventure...South. [End personae]

[Enter <lj user=techempage>]Hello out there in LJ-Land, this is your friendly neighborhood <lj user=techempage> coming to you live from the, uh, border of Wake and Durham County, North Carolina. Uh, we got off to a little bit of a bumbling start this morning. Almost had to go back twice, luckily found what we were looking for. But we're heading down to DragonCon. It's uh me, your friendly neighborhood <lj user=techempage>, <lj user=ducttapeavenger>, which will probably be butchered for the both of us by the, uh...uhm, auto text tool. And then, of course, special guest star this time around. You may have seen me have referred to her as A - she's also <lj user=vivianne1>. Aaand here's <lj user=ducttapeavenger>!

[<lj user=ducttapeavenger>] Greetings!'s too, it's too early in the trip to really have anything substantial to say so I'll just ah say, "What's up?"

[<lj user=techempage>] Allrighty, y'all, we're out on the road again in a big ass SUV which I am not entirely used to driving, but, uh, anyway, uhm, heading South, uh, and, uh, until next time I'll see you in LJ-Land!”

Transcribed by: fiddle_dragon
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