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This was an interesting trip down memory lane.

I sat there and pondered locations, friends, family, and all sorts of variables, looking to trigger something that I had forgotten. Something that was just that special.

I had a good childhood. But nothing really jumped out at me as, "That's it! That's the one! That's the one."

Then I had a recurring experience, which jumped out at me. I don't necessarily remember any specific one, but I do remember the experience.

For much of my pre-teen and early teenage years, my little brother (3.5 years younger) had a tradition that went on quite a few weekends over the years.

Friday night, we would have one of our parents take us out. First we went to the video rental place, we would pick up a console RPG that seemed interesting and rent it. Then we'd go and pick up a box of fried chicken.

We'd then go home, have a fried chicken dinner and the start up the video game.

Until Sunday night, when the game was due to be returned, we were planted in front of the television. We'd sit there and puzzle and ponder and exp grind, if necessary. We'd be up early both Saturday and Sunday mornings, usually before 7am and play until after 10pm in the evening. We had no Internet, so we had to find the answers on our own.

There were very few games that we could not beat on one weekend's rental. We actually made it to the final battle of Final Fantasy VII in those three days. We had sacrificed too much in our need to get through in a hurry. We had no where near the levels we needed to take Sephiroth down.

I remember, Secret of Mana on the SNES. That was actually a several rental game over the summer. And the awesome thing about that one was the battles were multi-player, so we actually played at the same time on it.

And one of the one that I remember really puzzling us was Shining in the Darkness for the Genesis. There is just something about a dungeon crawl.

Going all the way back to the original Nintendo was a little fuzzy. But so many weekends, me and my brother, we transported from our suburban home into many a vast and fantastical realm and we fought side by side for what was "right" in that world we had found ourselves in.

Life has gotten hectic over the years. My brother is off at Law School and I'm trying to juggle being a dad with two jobs and online classes. We haven't really had much time to connect because of it. But back then...~smiles~...back then the two of us could take on not just the world, but any world, together...
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