Techempage (techempage) wrote,

(LJ Idol) What terrifies me.

"The only think we have to fear is fear itself."

These were the words spoken by FDR during his inaugural address, in the middle of a bank panic on March 4, 1933. For those that don't much about bank runs, they tend to be self fulfilling. People fear the banks will be unable to give them back their money, so everyone tries to get their money back at once, thus the banks run out of money, because so many people were afraid they would.

The flight or fight instinct...
One of the most basic emotions to all creatures...

Fear is healthy. It prevents many "stupid" things from occurring. It prevents us from attempting to fly off a roof. On a more logical example, it makes sure we are careful when we are on said roof. The basic concepts of the legal system are based on fear of punishment. It tends to keep us from going too far.

But, like many things, too much is unhealthy also. Life is a balance between risk and reward. During my younger days, I was very reckless and made many many stupid decisions, because I knew somehow it would all work out in the end. And sometimes I was right. And sometimes, I could have used a lot more fear.

I'd like to think I'm older and wiser now. Maybe I'm just older...

Because fear, that terrifies me as well. Fear tends to tell us to avoid risks, to play it safe. How much safety is too much though? At what point do you stop living life and loose out on so much joy in an attempt to play it safe, out of the fear of losing something. You can't play to not lose, you have to play to win. You will lose some. You will win some. But to hold on to what little bit you have, out of fear, and not take the chances at going for what you truly want? Maybe that is the most terrifying thought.
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