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So let me tell you all a story, that involves two cute little princesses.

These two little princesses came to live with their father a few months earlier. At the time, he was low on gold, so as a temporary fix, he got small beds, filled with air, for the princesses to sleep on until he could afford to get them real beds. Due to the size of their room, he decided that beds stacked upon one another would be the best option for the princesses, so that they still had room with which to play their princess games. Finally, he got together enough gold and was able to order the "bonk beds" as the princesses called them. After many many issues with the bedmaker, (that's another story altogether) the bonk beds finally arrived.

So, while the girls went off to visit their grandmother, the men of the household went to work constructing the beds. (That is a pending post.) Well, when the princesses arrived back from their grandmother's place, they were very excited about their new bonk beds with sheets, comforters, and pillows that had pictures of famous princesses from the kingdom of Disney. In fact they were a little too excited. At bedtime, there was a power struggle between them and the lady of the house. Finally after hours of combat, they gave in and let sleep overtake them, but much later than normal.

And not for long...

All this while, their father, deposed from his throne, was slaving away at a local eating establishment to earn gold with which to provide for his family. Shortly before the doors were to be locked for the night, a group of nine walked in, demanding to be fed. This forced the former ruler to leave much later than initially anticipated. In addition, he had to stop by the local shop owned by Mr. Walton on his way home, to purchase supplies for the princesses' tutoring the next morning, which put him past the witching hour when he finally walked through the door. He stumbled into bed and was quickly off to the realm of dreams.

But back to the princesses...

You see, the oldest of these two princesses was much much too excited about the new bonk beds. This excess energy caused her to stir from her slumber, when normally dreams would be dancing through her head. A room for princesses obviously needs a castle, she decided when she arouse from her sleep. So she built a castle of brick-blocks in the middle of her room. Shortly thereafter, she decided that a castle so grand needs someone else to appreciate it. She looked to her younger sister to find praise in her architecture. However, the little princess knew it was time to sleep, so ignored the requests of her older sibling. However, the older princess was not to be deterred. She knew that as of late, it had still been dark when the electronic rooster crowed. If she could convince the rooster to crow early, why then, the little princess would think it was morn. So she, in a somewhat haphazard fashion, convinced the rooster to crow. Had the rooster awoken the lady of the house or the deposed king, it would have ended there; however, the princesses had left the two quite exhausted and the rooster was silenced quickly, so they remained deep in sleep.

This was enough to convince the little princess to arise from her bonk bed. She got up, but as young princesses tend to do at times, they were caught due to giggling. The lady of the house, who had learned to be alert to such noises, awoke due to the giggling. She turned to the deposed king and requested that he go deal with the awake princesses. At first, he thought it was her imagination, until he heard the giggling himself.

So when he left the comfort of his bed and walked into the princesses' room, he saw the older princess dressed for her lessons the following day, the younger princess half-undressed, and a castle of brick-blocks in the middle of the room. Needles to say, he was not pleased, as it had only been four hours, since his head first hit the pillow. He drew the story of what occurred from the little princesses and then he bade them to get back into their sleeping clothes and return to bed or else suffer the wrath of the ogre he might become. Once they were once again properly dressed and the electronic rooster was properly told his original instructions, he stumbled back to bed.

Then, after all this, when the rooster again crowed, the older princess the next morning responded to her father's entreaties to get out of the bonk beds, "But daddy, I'm really tired now!"
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