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Good morning livejournal...

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to sunyata__!

LG Report
Green day yesterday! Big YAY!

To all my pagan-y friends.
A very happy Spring Equinox/Oestara to you all.

I came into work early today to get some work done before my dentist's appointment at 9:30am. I'm still undecided whether I'm coming back to work after the appointment. I've got quite a bit to do before the end of the month at work. But I've also had a real focus this week on getting *ahead* on school work, for really the first time since I started back to school. For too many semesters now it's been, "OMGZ, I have to do this by 11pm, go go go!" If I get ahead, I can work within my energy. Low energy night? Ok, take one off. High energy night? Yeah, lets get some stuff done.

I'll probably decide while sitting in the dentist's chair. If they have to yank the tooth, um yeah, definitely done for the day.

Kids, let me serve as an example to you. Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day!

This article sums up a lot of how I feel about this season. Excerpts below.

There is a theme - this year’s Duke theme in the media if you will - that Duke is not Duke anymore, that losing in the tournament is more typical. That’s a pretty simple-minded analysis.

We’re in a very different environment now. On the one hand, truly great players usually only stay a year or maybe two. What Coach K used to do, building a program by moving freshmen through year by year, having a core that y ou could count on and augment incrementally, that world is gone and that standard of judgment is gone. UCLA is having a run now; Michigan State had one, UConn’s had theirs as well. Seen any Gators lately?


Still, except for last year, when Duke had a significant dip, Duke has overcome serious depth problems, serious experience shortfalls, and has continued to win between 25 and 30 games, last season again excepted.

In many respects, this new competitive environment has brought out a phenomenal level of creativity in Krzyzewski, and he has done some of his best work in some of the most difficult circumstances since he established his program as one of the finest in the history of college basketball.

Without a big man, with one senior and two juniors (not counting the injured Marty Pocius), this team was completely reinvented and has won 27 games.

That's it for now.
Have a great day!
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