Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Good Monday morning Livejournal...

LG Report
Yellow day on Friday. But no regular school again until April 8th.

Weekend Report
An ok weekend. Both of the girls got hair cuts. Grunt-Grunt got just a trim. The LG got a little bob-cut that looked very cute on her. My Saturday was ok. I worked on homework, watched Duke fall out of the NCAAs, and then spent a lovely evening with vivvianne1 and a couple of her friends.

Sunday, I worked, found the restaurant dead and overstaffed. (A lets make no money combination.) So I decided to leave early. Spent some time with the girls, a little more homework and settled in with some Civ IV with ducttapeavenger.

Yes, I know I have an exciting life. ;)

Thoughts on the Duke loss.
Apparently, 7 of the Duke players came into this weekend with the flu. Yeah, that'd do it. All-in-all though, this was an excellent season. 28-6 with 7 Sophomores/Freshman and most of the season no true center. I have seen many of the Duke "fans" trashing them for the early exit. We've raise the expectations because of our consistent excellence, to the point where nothing less than a Final Four/National Title is enough for some fans.

And I say to those so called fans, "Screw you!" I may not like that they're out of the tourney early, but I appreciate the accomplishments both the coaching staff and those young men achieved this year. Congrats on an excellent season guys. I am most-definitely looking forward to next season.

Monitor Update
That's for a later post.

That's it for now.

Have a great day!
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