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Good Wednesday Morning LJ!

LG Report
Nothing to report since she's on spring break.

Grunt-Grunt Report
Yesterday was the second day in a row she got high praises from her teachers about how well she listened.

She's had only relatively minor behavior problems before, the most frequent complaint being that she doesn't listen, especially when it's time to move from one task to another.

Monitor Update
Still no new monitor.

The tech guy came down and said, "Do you want a second monitor to see if that will solve your problem?"

Me: Nope, I'll wait on the big one.

And I showed him the diagram from the e-mail I sent.

School Update
Three of my classes work on a Wednesday to Tuesday schedule. I've been trying to make a concentrated effort recently to get ahead. Last night was the first night this semester that I wasn't scrambling to get a ton of homework done. Don't get me wrong, I still had work to do, but it wasn't "OMGWTFBBQ!!! I have how much due by when????"

Need to run by the bank for a deposit and run by the Dr's to pick up my Rx.
Need to get a metric ton done on work stuff.
Need to do my test for ACC 221, along with at least getting started on reading for other classes.
And probably need to call the insurance company for my declarations page for my insurance coverage during DragonCon, so I can finally forward that to Visa so they'll cover the broken mirror on the rental car.

And I think that's it for now. Have a great day!
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