Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Post on this meme.

jafinnola wrote:
Comment on modern moster-type movies.

I'll have to admit, I watch very few monster movies. Actually, with my schedule over the past few years, I watch very few movies in general.

I watched bits and pieces of one in the past year with vivvianne1 and ducttapeavenger while I was working on homework and got sucked in. (And didn't get all my homework done, IIRC.) It was a zombie movie, where they decided to go hide out in a bar. Yeah, I know, real descriptive.

Although, I don't know if the zombie genre quite falls under the category of monster movie. When I think monster movie, I think one big bad monster, whereas depending on how you look at it, zombie movies are more comparable to either an epidemic or a commentary on society.

I just don't think I've seen many at all. Not recent or the classics. I've seen "Army of Darkness," which doesn't quite qualify. Buffy is a vampire movie, but it's a little different as well. I remember somehow recently seeing bits and pieces of the original "American Werewolf in London," at some point. Back in high school I have very fond memories of "Uncle Sam Wants You Dead" and "Jack Frost," but that was for MST3K value.

I know, I am backwards an unenlightened. I'll have to have a geek gathering/movie marathon at some point and see all of what I have missed.
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