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State of the Veepstakes

My fellow Livejournalists,

In the past 24 hours, we've seen the vote rocked for the second spot on the Party Party ticket. The polls will close soon, we're not quite sure when, but it's been an amazing experience in democracy in the last day. Last evening, my esteemed and respected opponent Bradwinkle has shown great inroads with the sock puppet vote. They came out in mass quantities and greatly boosted his vote total. Not to be outdone, I, being a scientician, of course went the route of science in an attempt to help our cause. The Science Clones, one of my strongest demographics, came out and voted for myself and Duct Tape Avenger, in the name of science!

This has been a long and drawn out election, but it is not yet over. I encourage you all to go Vote! for the good of our country and say "Yes to Science!", say "Yes to Flavored Vodka!", say "Yes to strong sanctions against grues!"

It is time for a change. Bradwinkle could not lead the Party Party to victory four years ago and neither can Duct Tape Avenger and myself. But it doesn't matter! What matters is change! And to change Vice Presidental Candidates is a change! So vote for change! Vote for us! I personally promise to be the most entertaining half of a vice presidential candidate since Dan Quale! (And that's good comedy, let me tell you!) I can spell Potatoe wrong if you'd like. Vote for us!

Vote for us!

Vote for us!

Live long and prosper.

May the force be with you.

Drink infused vodka.

I thank you for your time this morning.

May $Deity $Verb you, in whatever way you see fit.

And don't forget, Vote for us!

I'm Techempage and I approve this message.

EDIT: This just in. The polls will close when allah_sulu finishes his coffee. So please act now on this limited time offer!
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