Techempage (techempage) wrote,

The Top 18 John Kerry Campaign Slogans We'd Like to See (Shamelessly Stolen from Top5)

18> A Colossal Job Takes a Colossal Head
17> He's for It! Or Against It! Either Way! No Problem!
16> We'll Trade Texas to the Mexicans for Cancun, Cozumel and Cabo
15> For the Love of God, You Simply CANNOT Let Me Lose to This Goober
14> Fighting for a Better-Coiffed America
13> Because Being Lectured to in a Monotone *Never* Gets Old!
12> Endorsed by, Danson
11> My First Lady's Richer Than His First Lady!
10> Elect Me and I Promise to Sign Up for "Extreme Celebrity Makeovers"
9> Democrats Only Lie About Sex, Not WMDs
8> Raising the Bar to Knee-High
7> Look at It This Way: Kerry in '04, or Else It's Hillary in '08
6> Have I Mentioned That I'm a Vietnam Vet?
5> Hey, Florida, Get Your Shit Together This Time, Okay?
4> It's the *Hair*, Stupid!
3> Kerry: Pronouncing "Inaugural" and "Nuclear" Correctly Since the Age of 6
2> Undefeated Versus Pretzels

and's Number 1 John Kerry Campaign Slogan We'd Like to

1> Kerry On, My Wayward Country

(Note: I'm not telling anyone who I'm endorsing. I just thought this was funny!)
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